How Can Supportive Divorce Solutions Help You?

Divorce Consulting Services

After your consultation, you will be provided with an estimate for the recommended services. Services are provided at an hourly rate and/or retainer basis. Pricing is transparent and based on the complexity of your finances and the services you wish to use.

Getting Started with Your Divorce

Many clients that come to us want to “get their ducks in a row” before they file for divorce. Others were just served papers and don’t know what to do. With this service we will discuss the different ways to divorce (mediation, collaborative law, and litigation). We will also discuss what you should do now to protect yourself financially. You will be guided through the documents to gather and the actions you may want to take to protect yourself and your children during the divorce. We will also recommend other professionals you may need, from attorneys to mental health counselors.

How to Pay for Divorce

If you are just starting the divorce process, the worry of how you will pay for it can be daunting. With this service we will estimate the cost of your divorce and how you can pay for it. There are more options than you may think! We’ll work with you to help you choose the option that works best for you and your financial situation.

Preparing the Financial Affidavit (Statement of Net worth)

The Financial Affidavit is the most dreaded document to fill out, for good reason. Depending on the level of service you need, we will complete this for you or review it for accuracy. This document is very important, and is the backbone of your divorce. Preparing it thoughtfully can help prevent costly mistakes down the road. We also can review your soon to be ex-spouses affidavit to make sure they are not hiding assets or making creative changes to their advantage.

Calculating Spousal Support and Child Support

Anyone can calculate Spousal Support and Child Support, but only a CDFA® is going to look it over with a fine-tooth comb. We ensure your spouse’s income disclosure is truthful and can also impute income when they’re underestimating income. In our experience, 25% of calculations need to be changed. That could make a difference of $10,000 – $200,000 over the course of time that you deserve!

Preparing a Budget

This is one of our most popular services. While we can always make a budget after your divorce, we prefer to get you started as soon as possible. There are two reasons for this; 1) one of the biggest fears is not knowing what your income and expenses will look like, it’s paralyzing, so let’s address it and feel liberated, 2) When preparing the budget before the settlement is signed we can negotiate for assets and debts that are going to better suit your cash flow needs after divorce.

Understanding Taxes and Penalties

This service is where we really make an impact for our clients. 100% of the divorces we have worked on throughout the years have had incorrect assumptions in the negotiations for taxes. A very simple example: Husband gets $30,000 in joint bank account and Wife gets $30,000 in an IRA. The bank account is worth $30,000 and can be used at any time. The IRA is worth $20,000 after taxes, and if it’s used before age 59 ½ there will be another 10% taken, because of penalties. We look at the POST tax effect of any settlement and negotiate on your behalf.

Pension Reviews

At Supportive Divorce Solutions we know pensions like the back of our hand. They are complicated and if you don’t understand how they work, you can walk away from hundreds of thousands of dollars! We offer many services relating to pensions, including: valuation, pre-survivor benefit analysis, post-survivor benefit analysis and correct language needed in a settlement agreement to execute a QDRO the right way so you can get your share!

Evaluating Retirement Accounts

401k? IRA? 457? The list goes on. Each of these accounts have their own tax rules. In addition, they must be divided differently after divorce. Most often we see problems in these areas: the wrong statement being used to underinflate the value of the asset, withdrawals being made before the divorce is over and no one knows, and settlements instructing the wrong way to divide accounts, which means you will not get your money right away. We educate our clients on the ins and outs of retirement plans and how to best plan successfully for your future.

Should You Keep the Marital Home?

Should I stay or should I go? This is a tough decision and the most emotionally charged one usually. It doesn’t have to be cut and dry – stay or go. There are options for the short term and long term. This service is combined with our budget after divorce service so that we can see if you can afford the home. It also will depend on other assets available and ability to refinance if needed.

Planning for Children’s Expenses and College

Sadly, this is another area that mediators, and more so attorneys, fail to address completely. We are here to tell you what you don’t know. We discuss expenses that are not covered by child support (there are a lot!) and what can be done now to address them and get them into the agreement so your ex is held responsible for fully providing for the children.If this is not addressed during the divorce, this could cost you $20,000 – $150,000 depending on your situation.

Creating the Best Settlement for You

Most agreements are done the traditional way – just split everything down the middle. This is usually not the best ending – for both parties. With our Divorce Settlement Software, we can craft creative settlements that give you a step up for the next chapter of your life. You do not need to divide every pension or 401k. You do not need to split the bank accounts equally. There are many ways to get to an equitable distribution. We advocate for the best financial future for our clients, but we usually find that with our creative negotiations it helps your ex-spouse as well resulting in a faster settlement agreement.

Assessing Insurance: Health, Life, Disability & Long-Term Care

Not sure what to do about your insurance? We have your back. Many of our clients will need health insurance when the divorce is over, and we will make sure you are insured before the divorce is final. We educate clients on the importance of carrying the right amount and kind of life insurance to protect child support, spousal support and the future of your children. Many of our clients also realize that they want to make sure they are never again financial dependent on anyone. We also assess the need for a disability or long-term care policy. Auto and home insurance? We can help there too.

Expert Witness in Court

A very small percentage of litigated cases go to trial. When they do, we are right by your side. Working with your attorney, we will provide documentation, reports, and summaries for the court. When it’s time for trial we are with you all the way, testifying as an expert witness.

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