Supportive Divorce Solutions, Inc. is an independent consulting firm specializing exclusively in divorce planning. We ensure that our clients avoid costly, permanent mistakes and have a clear plan for their future.

What is Supportive Divorce Solutions, Inc.?

With advanced training in all financial aspects of divorce including pension valuation, marital vs. separate property, and tax strategy of settlements, we create settlement solutions that ensure you have a safe and secure financial future.

We consult on investment valuations, pensions and life and health insurance. We project scenarios that meet our client’s needs that are easy to understand so our clients can see the long-term effects of a proposed divorce settlement. We illustrate creative solutions for child support and spousal support and are an advocate for our client’s financial stability and security now and in the future.

Our Story

Supportive Divorce Solutions, Inc. was founded by Jillian Jones, MBA, CDFA®, with one goal in mind, to advocate, educate and empower women through their divorce. In Jillian’s own words,

Throughout my years as a Financial Professional, I continued to see women frustrated by their divorce agreements, and quickly going into debt after the divorce was finalized. It didn’t matter if they had a mediator or if they had the best attorney in town, they were not being educated on what was happening and why, were not offered choices that were best for them as individuals, and many did not feel confident or supported. “

Jillian saw women that were frustrated, upset and worried about their future and their children’s future. As a Financial Professional, JIllian knew that many of the rules, penalties and tax laws change when a divorce is happening, but at the time, she wasn’t a specialist. So, she earned her certification as a CDFA®, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.

Jillian felt so passionate about helping women through the divorce process that she founded Supportive Divorce Solutions, Inc.

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